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A good CEO knows that hiring talents is often opportunistic. Hiring is not just about posting an ad on Linkedin when you are in dire need of help on a specific project.

Exc.lu is about turning opportunistic hiring into a scalable endeavor for every good CEO out there
"It's all about the team"
Exc.lu was founded by two people with lots of talented friends and connected to lots of fantastic startups. They're both entrepreneurs and investors in many startups in NY, LA, SF and Paris.

This makes Exc.lu the only hiring club which focuses on introducing company CEOs to good people as well as good talent.
How it Works
Step 1
Talents and companies apply to join the Exc.lu club by filling out our forms
Step 2
Exc.lu team approves/rejects applications and selects the best talents for the best companies only
Step 3
We distinguish up to two talents per city to feature every week in our email to CEOs
Step 4
Talents are anonymized in our emails, we only share a summary of their professional background
Step 5
CEOs choose talents they want to be introduced to (talents' names are still hidden at this stage)
Step 6
Talents receive an email when a CEO wants to connect with them, disclosing which company is interested in meeting them
Step 7
The talent accepts the intro (double opt-in)
Step 8
Exc.lu introduces the CEO to the talent by email
Step 9
Our job is done here
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